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Partial dismantling or Full Demolition

The current ‘Monarch’ building, which until demolition in 2001 had smaller sidebuildings surrounding it belonged to the Ministery of Foreign Affairs, would originally be demolished entirely. Architect Mario Botta had designed numerous plans, which all were revised dozens of time. Redevelopment of the plot of land in the business district ‘Beatrixquarter’, which is situated near the end of the A12 highway, where it enters The Hague would initially commence in 2002 and would be finished in 2005. For the past years the building has housed a number of bonafide ‘squatters’ which lived in the building and protected it from illegal squatting activities. In the financial climate of today, it was decided to scrap the elaborate designs of Mario botta’s red-brick building and renovate the old building. It will be covered in an all glass facade. A tenant has recently been found.

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A thread on the forum of SkyscraperCity features these two images which originally from the website of the construction company who will perform the renovation. Images/renders below are courtesy of Royal Dutch BAM construction. Posted on SkyscraperCity by Michiel.

A drawing of the new situation:

Final Mario Botta designs, which now have been cancelled
posted on SkyscraperCity forum by 070.
Images/renders below are courtesy of JonesLangLaSalle real estate