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Window Cleaning

Where are they going?

These – analogue shot- photo’s are first of a series on the city and its citizens. 

Out with the old, In with the new

Gispen Store

This showroom of office furniture brand Gispen is now being turned into a store.

Personally I’m very fond of vintage office furniture and I will certainly have a look when the store is finished.

Face Value

This office building dates back from the early eighties. To give it a more modern appeal it is now given a glass façade to cover the old brutalist concrete one. The interior has also been gutted to revamp the offices for future use.

(google street view)

Construction Central

These days Holland’s most important train station Utrecht central station looks like a massive construction site.

The official launch of the re-development project was held yesterday by main contractor, Besix from Belgium. First work on the train platforms however, was initiated over a year ago.

Fo other posts on the Utrecht Central Station face lift: scroll down or search for ‘Utrecht’ on the right


Work on the Randstad Rail light rail project ended in 2006. The tram like rail vehicle runs from and to smaller cities in the vicinity of the The Hague conglomerate. Another line takes commuters to Rotterdam. Some parts of the route run underground, other parts, such as around The Hague Central Station, are elevated.

To be able to construct the high track trough the station, the two sides of the terminal had to be opened and hallways and rooms boarded shut. What remains is a rather unfinished appearance…