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Gidn Hendriksen, The Hague, 1987

I remember taking my first photograph when I was 5 years old. Growing up in a new housing estate in a rural town which was quickly urbanizing I wanted to document the changing environment.

Today, I predominantly shoot documentary photography. I still feel at home wandering the streets, documenting what I see but I’m just as happy documenting your music- sports- or business event or… coffee bar.

I graduated International Communication & Media at Hogeschool Utrecht in 2014. 

Hire Me

I’ve worked for the following organizations:

Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
Rotterdam City Marketing Office
Generation Games Rotterdam
Bas van Pelt Interior Design, The Hague
PMT – Pensioen Metaal en Techniek
Groen Lokaal magazine
Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
The Peuleschil Publisher
Sichting BRAVVO
ProForma Visual Identity Rotterdam
Deelgemeente Overschie
Het Hofkwartier
NORMO Coffee Antwerp

For more references, please take a look at my commissioned work page.

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